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Maximal Forklifts

Maximal ForkliftsWith over 600 employees and a production capacity of 30,000 forklifts per year Maximal has now developed the full forklift range and a reputation for their modern designs, high quality standards, safety and low cost of operation. As a result of our commitment to quality and performance the Maximal brand is now recognised worldwide and our forklifts are used in over 100 different countries.

Maximal is driven to continue the development of quality products that maximise value for our customers.

Current Specification Sheets for Maximal Forklifts:

Maximal LPG Petrol 1.0 tonne – 1.8 tonne

Maximal LPG Petrol 2.0 tonne – 2.5 tonne

Maximal LPG Petrol 3.0 tonne – 3.5 tonne

Maximal LPG Petrol 4.0 tonne – 5.0 tonne

Maximal Diesel 2.0 tonne – 2.5 tonne

Maximal Diesel 3.0 tonne – 3.5 tonne

Maximal Diesel 4.0 tonne – mini 5.0 tonne

Maximal Diesel 5.0 tonne – 7.0 tonne

Maximal Diesel 8.0 tonne – 10.0 tonne

Maximal Diesel 13.5 tonne – 16.0 tonne

Maximal Diesel 16.0 tonne

Maximal Diesel 25.0 tonne

Maximal Diesel 14.0 tonne – 32.0 tonne

Current Specification Sheets for Rough Terrain Maximal Forklifts:

Maximal Rough Terrain Diesel 2.5 tonne and 3.5 tonne


Please Note: Specifications are effective from the date of the specification sheet and are subject to variation/change without notice. Weights listed on this site are dry weights only and may vary depending on model series and/or attachments. Machine weight must always be checked against the compliance plate prior to use. Contact us to confirm all important information.